BC Starch


BC STARCH is a Synthetic, Thermoplastic, Polymer starch particularity recommended for the starching of polyester cotton, work wear, colored table linen, and shirts. Thermoplastic polymers soften progressively as their temperature increases and regain their original condition when cooled. BCSTARCH also acts as a surface dressing and protects the fibers from permanent heavy soiling and protects the fibers from permanents heavy soiling, giving longer to polyester cotton and other synthetic workwear


  • Water Conditions
    • Soft
    • Moderately Hard
    • Very Hard
    • 2gm/kg
    • 4gm/kg
    • 6gm/kg
  • Type of Linen & Soil
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Heavy
    • 2/kg
    • 4gm/kg
    • 6gm/kg


Pack size 5 & 20 kg

  • MSDS
  • PDF

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