BC Bright


BC-BRIGHT is a specially formulated product for giving more whiteness to white fabrics and more brightness to colored fabrics. It will work based on UV light Technology.
BC 02 is an Oxygen release blease bleaching powder for which Incorporates alkaline bullders. It is designed to bleach at all temperatures and gives high standards of stain removal and colour retention. Maximum bleaching efficiency is achieved at temperatures between 600C to 85CC. BC O2 is based on a highly effective Oxidizing agent which provides a steady, controlled, bleach action, which resits in stain removal with minimum fabric damage. Colour loss is negligible and Bc 02 helps conserve the life and appearance of coloured Linen.BCO2 does not change habitable based antiseptics into the typical brown stain associated with chlorine bleach compounds. BC O2 is also very effective at removing mildew when used as a soaking additive.


  • Water Conditions
    • Soft
    • Moderately Hard
    • Very Hard
    • 2gm/kg
    • 4gm/kg
    • 4gm/kg
  • Type of Linen & Soil
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Heavy
    • 2/kg
    • 4gm/kg
    • 4gm/kg


Pack size 5 & 20 kg

  • MSDS
  • PDF
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